The Leadership Conundrum


Executives Cite Talent Development As The Number One Blocker To Growing Their Business


97% of employees are not eligible for 1:1 coaching

And only 1% of executives’ time is spent on coaching

As a result, 50% of top performers leave their job because of a lack of coaching


Employees Want To Be Coached On:


Influencing and Motivating

Building followership and inspiring teams

Collaborating Cross Functionally

Driving impact in matrixed environments

Navigating Change

Excelling amidst organization and role changes

Executive-level Communication

Structured, synthesized, and powerful storytelling

Delivering Tough Feedback

Constructively raising the bar on performance

Resolving Conflict

Strengthening team culture and collaboration

The Coach In Residence Approach

Designed to optimize the development of emerging leaders


Trust Based

Confidentiality enables true problem solving


Surveys and KPI data measure effectiveness



Combines coaching, mentorship, and problem solving


Feedback loop for company training programs

Office Hours Style Coaching Puts Employees In Control.

Employees get real-time coaching on their most pressing issues.

My entire team is more energized and motivated, and collaborating way more effectively!

Founder, Series C Startup

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