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My Journey

My coaching journey started with serendipity early in my career, when I was asked to coach seven high performing emerging leaders.  Helping them grow from good to great filled me with a distinct sense of purpose, and set me on a path that has been meaningful and focused on helping leaders maximize their impact to their organizations and in some cases, a broader impact on society.

I have served C-Level and Senior Executives at Fortune 500 companies as an Associate Partner at McKinsey and Company, and as an Executive Coach I have worked with startup founders, engineering leaders, and senior business leaders in Sillicon Valley, New York, Asia, and Europe.

Coaching Philosophy

My experiences have taught me that coaching is fundamentally different than giving advice, which is ubiquitous in today’s information age, but rather, an exceptional coaching relationship is based on 5 core principles:

  1. Impact oriented: Coaching should move the needle on outcomes – these are tangible, palpable, and measurable.
  2. Fit is paramount: The coach-client relationship is key to unlocking the efficacy of the partnership. It must be consist of high doses of trust, empathy, and mutual accountability.
  3. Contextual relevance: A coach should understand your business and organization context, and have relevant experience to engage in a meaningful way.
  4. Cognitive Power: Your coach should help you maximize your cognitive function by removing “noise” and fear from critical decisions.
  5. Introspective: Effective coaching should help you gain clarity from introspection and re-evaluating mental models and assumptions.

What Clients Have Said

Engaged Teams

“My team is more engaged and excited about our company, as well as their career growth.  I have over invested on explaining the why as we have talked about, and our 1 on 1’s are now the most energizing part of the week!”.

Developing the “Coaching Muscle”

“Our latest employee NPS score shows that people feel more supported and are receiving the support and guidance they need to excel in their jobs.  I feel like I am getting better about helping them grow, and not just managing the day to day”

Team Productivity

“The team is moving much faster now, and we just beat Q4 goals by 37%!”

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